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Empyrean Skyview Projects is a wholly owned subsidiary of FIL Industries Limited, a leading conglomerate with established businesses across agro chemicals, warehousing & storage and food & beverages. The business focus of Empyrean Skyview Projects is towards tourism, entertainment and public infrastructure.

By adopting a holistic destination management approach, we are implementing best practices and principles in pioneering the development of mountain tourism in India, encompassing a broad range of outdoor leisure, adventure and sports activities.

We seek innovative strategies to respond to the current and future challenges in order to optimize the value of return on investments in infrastructure and to maintain our competitive edge. We recognize the fact that new technologies, business models, as well as the consumer behaviour all influence the pace and direction of the changes that is imperative for prospective stakeholders to adopt.

Skyview Patnitop

Skyview Patnitop by Empyrean brings to you a unique and unmatched integrated leisure, entertainment and adventure destination in the Jammu Region. Spread over 21 acres of green meadows sprawling from Sanget to Patnitop, experience the best of sights, serenity, adventure, thrill, culture and tastes. A magical destination in motion with a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities channeled into enriching and incredible modern settings.

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Our Vision

It came to us like a flash when we heard the deep sonorous voice of Eddy Arnold singing

...I'll be up in the blue horizon where the mountains meet the sky...

With roots in the north Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, mountains have always held an unyielding appeal for us for as long as we remember. In fact, mountains have been a source of wonder and inspiration for human societies and cultures since time immemorial.
          “Mountains know secrets we need to learn. That it might take time, it might be hard, but if you just hold on long enough, you will find the strength to rise up”.

Tyler Knott

Our mystical fascination for these unique wilderness areas has been partly based on their remoteness, relative inaccessibility and layers of legend swathing the towering peaks and undulating terrain.

In recent times, traveling to mountain ecosystems has been increasing at a rapid pace, as a growing number of tourists are attracted to the clean air, unique landscapes, endemic flora and wildlife, biodiversity and the timeless local culture.

We conscientiously recognise that mountains are the pristine sanctuary of nature in its most boundless and untamed glory. As practitioners of responsible tourism, it therefore becomes our duty to be committed to managing the environmental, economic and social impacts of mountain tours in accordance to the recommended guidelines for sustainable tourism development.

We earnestly attempt to make a minimal impact on the environment and local culture, while concertedly helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.

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